Banana Republic

Where the Bananas Rule.

Banana Republic

Where the Bananas Rule.

Banana Republic

Where the Bananas Rule.


We are Hyper Gridders

Banana Republic is an OpenSim Grid located somewhere in the Hyper Verse. It is a small grid mainly designed to provide a space for Hyper Gridders to shop, hang out, play games and socialize with other Hyper Gridders.

In most cases, I am not the creator of any of the items; everything on the Banana Republic Grid has been sourced from the Hyper Grid and understood to be free and copyable. If you are the creator or owner of anything on the Banana Republic Grid that needs removing. Please contact "Mr President" in-world or via the contact details on this website. Thank you.

By accessing the Banana Republic Grid, you are declaring that you are over the age of majority in your country of origin. We are not an adult themed grid, and our sims are all General or Moderate, but some of the shops may contain adult related items for sale. All shapes, sizes and species of Avatars are welcome if they behave and do not engage in adult-themed activities (including IMs). Anyone violating this rule will be ejected and barred from accessing all parts of the grid.

Mr President

Mr President

The First Lady

The First Lady

The First Dog

The First Dog


Banana Republic - Where the Bananas Rule

Banana Republic Grid is a small grid mainly designed to provide a space for local grid residents and Hyper Grid visitors to shop, hang out, play games and socialize together.
We are accessible from the Hyper Grid at "hop://vmi693460.contaboserver.net:8002", and you are welcome to come to look around any time. Please see the comments box and contact information in world if you have any ideas or comments you would like to leave


If you want to join the grid, you will need a local account. During the testing and set-up, this is currently open only to the team of testers and builders.
You will need an OpenSim-compatible viewer to connect to this grid. For local accounts, viewers will need a grid selector (Ctrl-Shift-G to unhide if not visible). We recommend that you use an up-to-date release to enable all the features of the grid, but we cannot offer any support for viewer problems.


For the best experience, please use an up-to-date OpenSim viewer to connect to this grid. We cannot offer any support for viewer problems, but if you have problems accessing the grid, get in touch via email with the following information to help us resolve the issue.

  • Date, time and timezone when you tried to connect Required
  • Avatar Name and Home Grid Name Required
  • Your Avatar UUID Optional
  • screenshot if possible Optional
  • Your viewer name and build Optional


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The Rules and Stuff

This section informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of "Personal Information" we receive from users of this Website or Grid.
We use your "Personal Information" only for processing, providing and improving the Website and Grid. By using this Website or Grid, you agree to the collection and use of this information as outlined in this policy.


While using our Website or Grid, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include but is not limited to your name and email address ("Personal Information").


We collect log data from our services that your viewer or browser sends whenever you visit our Website or Grid ("Log Data").
This "Log Data" may include traceable information such as your computer's IP address, viewer name and version, and browser name and version. Depending on your activity with these services, information about, but not restricted to, Website pages or Grid areas visited, the time and date of your visit etc.


The "Log Data" collected will be held for no longer than 30 days and is not shared with any third parties or storage system.


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